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Hair Cover
Citrine Nail Colours

Frequently Asked Questions

A color sweeping technique, more natural looking highlighting effect blended non stripey effect.

Depending on what service you having done its best to pre book after having your hair done to keep it looking well maintained.

Lanza , Matrix and Fanola mainly with some selected professional brands.

Yes , we use Lanza and Fanola fiber fix.

he complete opposite stripping the color of your hair .Your at home product regimen greatly dictates the longevity of your style . I recommend products based on my knowledge to better service your hair needs and make your life easier at home.

A new way of highlighting and cutting to blend the hair and allows the hair to grow out in the most natural way , creating a ‘ worn out ‘ look that can last up to six months.

It is designed to either enhance or get rid of unwanted tones or to add a personalized look to your color.

It is a smoothing treatment, eliminating frizz making the hair more manageable it can last up to 4 months depending brand used as well as retail home use.

Yes , we offer Easihair pro , Seamless 1 and Amazing Hair Extentions.

When you purchase them from a stylist, that means you trust their recommendation and knowledge. If you chose to listen to the recommendations and purchase elsewhere ,I personally do not guarantee the hair color ,longevity and tone if haircolor .With that being said ,if you purchase them from a drugstore your quality of hair depreciates and cause more buildup which will result in dull and lifeless hair getting a proper recommendation from a stylist that knows your hair can be life changing in ways that the manageability of your hair improves tremendously as the quality of your hair starts to change, it is the best investment you can make I promise.

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